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“With decades of industry experience, you can be assured that we are experts in our field. With strong global partnerships, you can trust that we will deliver cost reduced, leading edge, integrated, hardware and software solutions. With our focus on you and your business, you can expect a commitment to long-term relationships with integrity”.

Rea Cowie

‘Absolutely anything is possible, it’s just a matter of how to do it’, is the mantra of Rea Cowie. Anyone who has worked with Rea, comments on his vision, passion, intensity and focus. Rea is very results driven, directing his strong leadership skills towards performance improvement, business management and creating solutions using new perspectives and innovative thinking.

Michael Featherston
Co-Founder & Business Partner

With 18 years industry experience, Michael’s enjoyed strong success delivering powerful solutions across Medium to Large Enterprise businesses.
A family man with a keen sport, fitness and health lifestyle, he’s an innovative thinker and collaborative business partner to some of Australia and New Zealand's leading business brands.

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