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At Channel IP, we get it. 

You currently have copiers and printers and as far as you understand, they seem to work fairly well. 

Your contract and service plans are reviewed every few years and when it’s time to upgrade, you will most likely stay with the same copier and printer brand you’re using now. 

You don’t even think about this critical business process infrastructure until you find out there’s an issue at the office or, the printer sales guy offers an upgrade sometime during your contract………at about what you’re paying today.

Sound familiar? 

Well, you’re not alone as 92% of businesses stay with their current provider at upgrade time and pay a significant premium for the experience.

Channel IP is a team of expert independent consultants in the Managed Print industry.

Our consultants work for you, our clients and not for any supplier, reseller, dealer or manufacturer of printers and software.

We don’t have dealerships or agencies , nor do we have any budgetary requirements by industry suppliers. 

We are 100% independent and unbiased. 

Our focus is to significantly drive down your print, scan and document management costs by unveiling both the good and bad aspects of your current state and advising how to leverage your businesses strengths to lower costs, without operational compromise.

Our consultancy firm is not about changing your current suppliers, but rather allowing you to leverage our extensive industry knowledge to highlight and negotiate solutions, generating significant cost reductions and better operational outcomes for your business.

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The MPS Industry Challenge.....

Currently, there’s a dozen different manufacturers and hundreds of dealers, resellers and agents within the ANZ marketplace.

Each supplier has wildly different offerings and capabilities to attract, win, integrate, service, retain and maximise profitability on your businesses contract.

In a growing, prosperous, profitable marketplace, supplier services should only improve but as this technology sector declines, most suppliers are severely laboured by large overheads resulting in a high cost of sales for you, the client. The market is in a constant battle to shed cost whilst struggling to deliver service obligations on long term contracts.

You can guarantee that each supplier is scrambling to create and validate complementary and alternative profitable offerings, usually in the form of managed IT and digital transformation technologies.

Your only problem here, is not understanding and controlling the risk.

We value strong partnerships

We know our clients and their businesses, and this allows us to approach things differently. 

Thinking outside the square, we harness the huge resources of the best of breed tier 1 suppliers to create genuine win-win outcomes, delivered with expertise and integrity, for you… our clients.

Our open and consultative approach places us on the same side of the table, working together to create solutions that enhance and develop your business far beyond what is normally achieved.

We are here to serve you. Leverage our teams thinking for the benefit of your business.

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Executive Team

“With decades of industry experience, you can be assured that we are experts in our field. With strong global partnerships, you can trust that we will deliver cost reduced, leading edge, integrated, hardware and software solutions. With our focus on you and your business, you can expect a commitment to long-term relationships with integrity”.

Michael Featherston
Co-Founder & Business Partner

With 18 years industry experience, Michael’s enjoyed strong success delivering powerful solutions across Medium to Large Enterprise businesses.
A family man with a keen sport, fitness and health lifestyle, he’s an innovative thinker and collaborative business partner to some of Australia and New Zealand's leading business brands.

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Due to strong demand supporting COVID-19 affected businesses and an ever-growing client portfolio, we are now expanding!

If you have a strong career history in Managed Print, Digital Transformation, Software and ICT and also have an elite B2B finance acumen, you could qualify to work within our National team of consultants.

Please contact us for a confidential initial discussion.

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